NOHrD Bike Club
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NOHrD Bike Club

Introducing the NOHrD Bike – an indoor cycle with an innovative, aesthetic design adhering to our continuous high demands on functionality. Using advanced planetary gearing with a solid wood and steel frame, this bike is extremely durable, perfectly suited for professional use in the fitness studio or home gym.

Having pursued a minimalist, sleek design inherent to athletic cycling, the NOHrD Bike boasts an impressive, clear structure with a distinct flow. Cyclists will appreciate being able to train in both an upright or racing position, for which the handlebar provides various grip possibilities and can be adjusted for a range of cycling angles.

Product NOHrD Bike
Training Stamina, Strength
Dimensions 47.2 x 23.6 x 46
Material Ash
Weight 55
Packages 2
Assembly required Yes