Cable Machines and Training

Multi-functional and versatile - the cable machine is a classic piece of exercise equipment.

Physiotherapists, fitness coaches and professional athletes rely on gym equipment with cable machines for a reason: the cable technique makes strength training extremely effective - and, as a bonus, cable stations prove to be true space-savers among multi-station exercise machines.

Depending on your needs, the NOHrD SlimBeam can be ordered as a free-standing cable station, or with ceiling or wall fixtures.

Watch our variety of exercise videos for individual muscle groups:

Extension up to 8m

The SlimBeam offers extension up to 8m, enabling you to train specific moves like a golf stroke or tennis swing. By increasing the number of rubberized weight plates and adjusting the butterfly, your workout will become more demanding, intense and effective.

Adjustable Butterfly

Each exercise can be performed at various angles, increasing the amount of possible exercises. The range of overall movement is automatically wider than with a conventional multi-station machine. Enjoy pulling the cable from top to bottom, bottom to top, horizontally or diagonally to maximize the full potential of exercise possibilities.

Effective Strength Training

Training on the SlimBeam cable machine works abs and back muscles, increasing body stability. Adjusting the cable position will allow you to target muscles specifically - from your chest to your back, shoulders, arms and legs: all areas are possible.

Expand Exercise Range with Optional Accessories

Workout with foot strap, exercise bench or lat bar

Use your SlimBeam to work and build individual muscles or a combination of various muscle groups, simultaneously. Train everyday moves with the cable machine - by utilizing of the SlimBeam’s range of motion and rotation possibilities you will boost and improve overall coordination, flexibility and strength.

Improve Coordination and Stability

Cable machines are the basis of functional training - in the gym, physiotherapy center and in home fitness


Deep layer muscles are responsible for our muscular-skeletal system, which keep the body in balance. Isolated weight training does not reach these muscle groups, whereas cable machine exercise does. Training with the SlimBeam’s wide range of motion will create a minimum of instability, which in turn engages the deep layer core muscles into action, counterbalancing this instability.