Connective tissue

All Swing free weights are filled with an iron granulate (pellets), which support the dynamic imbalance of the movement by shifting within the leather sack. Your hand's extra movements deliver varying exercise stimuli for your joints, muscles and connective tissue.

High class quality

Our Swing free weights are manufactured from start to finish by hand. We cut, sand, stitch and oil each of our Swing weights at our facility in Nohrdhorn.

Tower, Board or single bell

The Swing-Tower and the Swing-Board are made of solid wood and offer space for up to 8 Swing free weights.

Swing Galerie

Wide range - great flexibility

The free weights are available in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 kg, either in full sets (incl. Swing-Tower or Swing-Board) or separately.

Swing Hantel
Swing Tower
Swing Board

Use the Swing tower’s wooden stand feature for tablets and smartphones, enabling you to view exercise videos during your workout.

Swinging Movements

Use Swing workouts to regain the body tone and resilience of your youth.

The exercises feature a methodical buildup and contain simple isolation sequences, as well as complex and more demanding routines.

Swing Training