Eau-Me Board - Balance Boards Exercises

Eau-Me Board

Balance boards and exercise

Eau-Me Board

Promoting balance and body awareness, improved strength and condition – balance boards are popular pieces of fitness equipment which are both effective and extremely fun to use!

Why balance training?

Exercise on a balance board will train your coordination and sense of balance, as the multitude of little compensation moves you are forced to perform engage your deep musculature, conditioning your movements and overall stability. Balance board use engages your core muscles, automatically improving posture and even actively helping prevent back pain.

What are the Eau-Me Board’s qualities?

The mod balance board design consists of a sturdy footplate made of high-grade wood, connected to a plastic base filled with water. The water’s flow shifts with each movement, so that there are no typical patterns the user can rely on and the body is forced to react to the arbitrary stimuli. Striving to maintain balance, with the ever-shifting water base, releases a whole new range of shifting water and imbalance – you will be forced to take action!


Exercises on the balance board

At first glance, the Eau-Me Board looks like a classic balance board. However, with its tapered, almost cone-shaped base point and unique water feature, your workouts will become a true challenge.

The classic balance board move is to simply stand and try to maintain balance, which already requires quite some skill. Keeping the board stable and balanced may require more practice for some. When you’re ready to increase the challenge, try adding free-weights or a balance bar, squats or standing on one leg to your workout. A session on the balance board need not lack in variety and is definitely never boring!

Balance boards are further becoming increasingly popular for increasing difficulty of classic push-ups: Start by placing your hands on either side of the Eau-Me Board, maintain a straight back and an engaged core. Slowly lower your body down to the board, while keeping it in balance – an excellent exercise for strengthening arms, core and back muscles.

The Eau-Me Board Effect

Improves balance and coordination

Balance boards are currently in high demand in the health sector – physiotherapists and fitness trainers alike value the benefits of these pieces of equipment. Balance boards are easy to use, compact in size and highly effective in supporting patients’ recovery process.

As mentioned above, deep musculature is an important factor: whether an amateur or professional athlete, balance board exercise will target your supporting musculature, enhancing coordination, quickness and your response capacity.

Eau-Me Boards are an ideal piece of equipment for rehabilitation centers. Guided use following foot, hip or knee surgery will assist swift muscle buildup. Beginning with low-difficulty exercise is recommended.

Balance Board Training

The bottom line

Exercising on the NOHrD Eau-Me Board will effectively activate use of your deep musculature, while conditioning coordination and balance. This space-saving piece of exercise equipment is optimal for users of all fitness levels; physiotherapists and fitness coaches alike rely on the practicality of balance boards.

Balance Board Advantages:

  • - improves posture
  • - promotes better sense of balance
  • - increases response capacity
  • - helps decrease joint pain
  • - helps recover from back problems