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Cable machines are one of the classic exercise machines. Fitness studios and physio therapy centers always have at least one gym cable, due to their versatility and functionality. Choosing Nohrd's SlimBeam means selecting an exercise machine which features all the benefits of traditional cable machines, along with a top design, capable of blending into your home interior. Enjoy the SlimBeam's slender shape, soft contours and high-quality wood, available in a broad range of shades and colours, to suit your tastes.

German Design Award

Awarded by the
Jury of the German
Design Award 2016:

Plus X Award

Nohrd SlimBeam was awarded the 2014 „Plus X Prize“ in 3 categories

1. High Quality
2. Design
3. Functionality

Diversity in the smallest of places

The Nohrd SlimBeam will win you over with its sleek physique and its minimal space requirements.

Space saving

With its 215 cm height and 40 cm width, this cable machine proves to be an aesthetic highlight for any interior ambience. The SlimBeam is fixed at 10 cm from your wall and protrudes merely 20 cm in total into the room. It's base measures less than a half square meter.

Individual training

14 weights at 5 kg, plus the start weight at 5kg are elegantly housed in each SlimBeam. The individual cable ratio (standard 3:1) permits various grades of weight.

The butterfly

The butterfly is the SlimBeam's main feature, allowing you to train on one or both sides. It can be swiveled and set at any height. The fixtures adapter can hold a pull-up or lat bar. The adapter can also be set onto the front pole at any height.


One of our newest features is the SlimBeam’s training app, with its practical tablet holder mounted at the side of the machine. This can be used in addition to the included exercise manual.

Functional Training

Exercising with weights is the only reliable way to get or recover muscle.

The Nohrd SlimBeam is the perfect total body home fitness machine. We have developed a workout manual which will provide you with exercises of all levels of intensity, guaranteed to meet your training needs.

  • · Chest
  • · Arms
  • · Shoulders
  • · Legs
  • · Back
  • · Abs

In addition, the SlimBeam can be expanded with a tablet holder and used with a training app.

  Interactive: Personal Trainer

The SlimBeam’s body is manufactured in such a way that the tablet holder can be attached at any time.

Use by connecting your tablet (android only) to a USB plug and download the training app. During your workout, the pre-set weight, repetitions and cable length are automatically recognized and clearly displayed. Each exercise is featured by video in detail.

Functions overview:

  • - weight recognition
  • - reps display
  • - total weight display
  • - suggested weight settings
  • - suggested butterfly settings
  • - full-body workouts
  • - isolation exercises
  • - instructional videos
  • - cable length / pull history
  • - graphic display of pull

Download the Slimbeam training app.