NOHrD Wall Compact – Fitness Wall

Our all-in-one exercise wall.

The new, compact version of the NOHrD Wall further embodies our high standards of quality design and technical know-how. Boasting sleek new contours and a contemporary look, this streamlined fitness wall provides full-body workouts, strength and endurance training.

nohrd wall compact

Virtual Coach

Challenge yourself to our virtual trainer and daily streamed workouts via the built-in touchscreen.

Free Weights

The NOHrD Wall Compact comes with a full set of the coveted, hand-stitched leather SwingBells, to be stored directly onto the wall.

Strength Training

Strength train on both of our built-in cable stations. Our standard 75kg weight stack and our new NOHrD-Ski ergometer cable machine, featuring an eddy current brake system and disc resistance setting, are sure to get your body pumping – full sweat guaranteed.

Model Range

Select from our wide range of fine wood models.













Full-body workout requiring minimum space

Interactive training with a personal coach – virtual and easy to follow.

The virtual coach is an interactive, full-body workout program, streamed via the NOHrD Wall Compact’s built-in touchscreen.

nohrd wall compact monitor
nohrd wall compact software

Take advantage of our touchscreen-training system to receive the Workout-of-the-Day, or to choose among pre-composed workout sessions. Wear a chest belt monitor to have your heart rate displayed throughout your workout and for calorie burn analysis.

Your training session will contain a full range of exercises for a full-body workout: cable weights, ski-erg, our Swing free weights and body weight resistance exercise. A pre-view of the next exercise clip facilitates preparation during the interval break.

nohrd wall compact training

Cable machine: weight stack

Ideal for working multiple muscle groups simultaneously, increasing stability and coordination, as well as core strength through continuous core engagement. The cable butterfly feature can be swiveled and set at users’ desired height.

nohrd wall compact training

Swing free weights and body weight resistance

Free weight and body weight resistance training are excellent for conditioning strength and endurance. Improving core strength while you’re at it is a nice by-product.

nohrd wall compact training

Cable machine: ski ergometer

The NOHrD Wall Compact’s built-in ski erg is designed to simulate classic cross-country skiing in all its intensity. Based on an eddy current brake system and disc resistance setting, this cable training guarantees an intense, full-body workout.