Fitness machines made of wood // Made in Germany

All our wooden fitness equipment is being hand crafted in our manufacturing facility in Germany. The environment is a vital factor in our manufacturing process. Almost all of the wood is being used for the equipment. The woodchips and the dust from the extractors are being burned in our furnace to heat the building in the winter. Additionally we generate on our 16.200 square feet roof, electricity with solar panels. With this construction we are independent from energy supplier.


Our Wood

We only use verified sustainable Appalachian hardwood or hardwood from German sustainable forests. Mainly Oak wood we source from local sources. Wood is a natural material and can vary in colour and structure. Every piece we manufacture is unique. Some of the hardwood used, mainly cherry wood, darkens when exposed to day- or/and sunlight. We treat the surface only with hard way oil that drains deep into the pores of the wood and protects the wood from sweat and water.


Our genuine leather

The genuine natural real leather comes from local cows and is being tanned with vegetable plants in big oak barrels. All natural leather comes from Germany.

  • - The tanning is „Made in Germany“
  • - The tanning complies with ISO 9001 standards
  • - Tanned with plant material only. Guaranteed leather odor
  • - Does not cause skin rushes
  • - Uncomplicated disposal of waist. (No chrome in leather)

Even highend real vegetable plant tanned leather can have natural characteristic like bee stings or small injuries. No skins are immaculate. Other manufacturers us polyurethane and acrylate to treat the surface of the leather that makes it look immaculate. Our vegetable tanned leather remains completely natural and therefore darkens when exposed to day- and/or sunlight.