Eau-Me Board - Balance Boards Exercises

Balance boards are great for physical fitness – and incredibly fun – adding challenge and unpredictability to your workouts. Your body must constantly adapt to a shifting surface, engaging your core muscles, and improving your coordination. You’ll find a real sense of accomplishment as you master new moves, adding more satisfaction and fun to your fitness journey.


The benefits

Fitness beyond the board

eau-me-board training

Exercise versatility

Choose your position

The multitude of possible training positions ensure you can engage different muscle groups and continuously challenge your body. For physiotherapists, balance board training is pivotal in injury rehabilitation, prevention, and promoting functional fitness. Fitness trainers recognize its value in increasing core strength and stability – not to mention its serious fun factor!

eau-me board stehend



Likely the most frequent form of balance board training, on both or 1-legged: experience how your body engages a network of muscles, from your core, legs and ankles, working together to keep you upright.



Exercises from a sitting position on the Eau-Me Board are a great way to target specific muscle groups – especially in the core and lower body – while also improving stability. The seated approach allows for very controlled movements, making it suitable for various levels of fitness.

eau-me board liegend


Prone position

Using the Eau-Me Board from a prone position - as for plank-style exercises - offers a great challenge component to your workout while keeping your center of gravity lower to ground, thus making it safe for all fitness level individuals to build core strength.

The results

Balance, coordination, strength & stability

eau-me-board effekte



The ability to train from a variety of positions on the Eau-Me Board offers a multifaceted approach to fitness. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or prone while holding on, you engage different muscle groups, while reaching different muscle layers. This versatility not only keeps your workout sessions fun but lets you tailor your training to specific needs and goals. Be sure to try a range of positions during your balance board training in order to gain the maximum number of benefits from your Eau-Me Board.