WaterGrinder Exercise

For your upper body

Core, arm & back strength training

Traditional cardio machines like treadmills, cross trainers, and indoor bikes excel at targeting the lower body, often leaving a significant void in upper body strength training. The WaterGrinder steps in to re-define upper body strength building and conditioning. Training on the WaterGrinder is sure to supercharge your cardiovascular system, as well as sculpt and strengthen your upper body on a whole new level.


Strength & endurance

Powerfully efficient

nohrd bike

Core tone

Build resilience & strength

The WaterGrinder engages the entire upper body in a comprehensive workout. Targeting your arms, shoulders, core and chest, it goes beyond conventional equipment to ensure your whole upper body is meticulously worked, promoting a stronger, more sculpted and toned physique.


Fitness intensity


Dynamic mobility

Invigorate your upper body’s joints while you train, as the WaterGrinder improves resilience as you target your upper body. While our legs are designed for enduring longer stretches of strains, requiring prolonged effort to effectively stimulate that musculature, our arms are crafted for brief, intense engagement – this insight guides our philosophy of the grinder’s dynamic mobility training, ensuring the necessary stimuli for agility and durability as you train.

Highly effective

Optimal muscle fatigue

Discover the efficiency of a WaterGrinder workout, which is deliberately designed to induce rapid muscular fatigue. This results in short, yet exceptionally effective training sessions. The grinder is an intense fast track to upper body strength and endurance!


Train sitting or standing

The WaterGrinder’s pedal handles can be set into different positions for a host of effects. Choose a standing position for actively engaging the most muscles for a full-spectrum training impact, involving your core and back – sure to deliver the most comprehensive and effective training session.


beidhändig reziprok

Bilateral reciprocal

beidhändig symmetrisch

Bilateral symmetrical

einhändig rechts

Single-handed right

einhändig links

Single-handed left


beidhändig reziprok Rückwärts

Bilateral reciprocal

beidhändig symmetrisch rückwärts

Bilateral symmetrical

einhändig rechts rückwärts

Single-handed right

einhändig links rückwärts

Single-handed left