Genuine leather / Hand-stitched

For squeezing, holding, lifting, throwing, swinging and playing. The NOHrD HaptikBall will work your hand, forearm and - with swinging exercise- your connective tissue. Even the simplest exercises are highly effective.


Strengthening, coordination, stress relief

Fascia stimulation and balance training

Ideal for strengthening, coordination, stress relief, fascia stimulation and balance training. Strengthen your hand and forearm muscles and increase circulation. Squeezing and releasing your hand will strengthen fingers, hands and forearm, while reducing stress levels. Handling and playing with the HaptikBall is both calming and fun!

Made of genuine leather and fully hand-stitched, the NOHrD HaptikBall is a true eye-catcher, with an iron granular filling rendering the HaptikBall its malleability and easy grip. Each HaptikBall is oiled with beeswax for protection against sweat and moisture.