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SlimBeam Stainless Steel


SlimBeam Stainless Steel

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Compact cable training

Home gym solution

The SlimBeam is an exceptionally compact cable training, weight stack machine, designed for versatile exercises performed at various height settings. The weights are ingeniously integrated into the genuine wood veneer casing, ensuring a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing home gym solution.


nohrd slimbeam edelstahl detail

The butterfly feature enables both bilateral and unilateral exercises. Its height and swivel adjustments enhance your workout, while the pull cables move seamlessly over precision ball-bearing rollers to ensure a quiet and fluid exercise experience.

The weight stack houses fourteen rubberized weight plates, moved smoothly through pulleys and cable systems and enabling precise adjustments to the end weight, depending on the desired level of intensity.

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nohrd slimbeam edelstahl detail

The integrated pull-up bar, crafted from solid ash wood, is height-adjustable and can be optionally converted into a lat pull-down station.

Technical Details



20 x 40 x 215 cm


120 kg

User Weight

100 kg

# Packages


More Information
Product SlimBeam
Dimensions (cm) 84.6" x 15.7" x 7.8"
Weight (kg) 120
# weights 15 x 5 kg
Ratio 3:1
Distance to wall 10 cm
Material Stainless Steel
Assembly required Yes
Bluetooth No
Power connection No
Country of Manufacture Germany
Training Strength, Balance
Warranty (yrs) 2
Packages 4
Packages 1 - 222,5 cm x 51,0 cm x 32,0 cm, 37,5 kg
2 - 63,5 cm x 47,0 cm x 24,0 cm, 25,0 kg
3 - 27,7 cm x 23,7 cm x 16,4 cm, 36,0 kg
4 - 27,7 cm x 23,7 cm x 16,4 cm, 36,0 kg
Extra SlimBeam Monitor optional

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