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Sprintbok Treadmills and Training

The Sprintbok is a curved manual treadmill that encourages a more ergonomic running style and is suitable for everyone, from professional athletes to those just embarking on their running routine. Powered by the strength of your own legs, the Sprintbok knows no speed limits! Whether you prefer long-distance running, sprints, or interval training, this innovative manual treadmill allows you to dynamically adjust your pace by shifting your body’s center of gravity. Unlike motorized models, Sprintbok runners experience a more intense and effective treadmill workout.


sprintbok training

Curved design

Perfect rhythm

The inwardly curved design of the running surface enhances the benefits of a motorless treadmill, giving users a more natural running experience. Thanks to the curve design, the body’s natural motion is complimented in a way that allows runners to effortlessly adjust their rhythm by shifting the center of gravity. Compared to motorized models, the curved design delivers demonstrably higher calorie burn, due to the increased muscular effort required.


Patented flexion system

The Sprintbok supports all running levels and styles with its patented flexion system cushioning every step, absorbing shocks and vibration to offer protection from injury, while keeping noise to a minimum. The ball-bearing-mounted slats ensure a comfortable, low-impact running workout.

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All-in-one fitness companion

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Training on the curved Sprintbok

A curved treadmill improves your running technique, promoting mid-foot or front-foot striking. This is the natural way of running, coveted by the best runners in the world as it is highly efficient and reduces the likelihood of injury. By design, the curved Sprintbok encourages the downward and backward pull of the belt, ideal for achieving a more natural pace.


Sprintbok Monitor

sprintbok monitor



In this mode, all performance data is displayed:

  • - Time
  • - ø Time
  • - Pace: / 1km
  • - Pace / 10 km
  • - Heart rate
  • - Kcal
  • - Disctance
  • - Average running speed