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SwingBells Set Walnut Black


SwingBells Set Walnut Black

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Available in pairs

An exclusive set of dumbbells crafted from premium black genuine leather and a solid wood handle made of walnut wood. The NOHRD Swing Bells embody style and functionality, transforming dumbbell training into a visual and tactile fitness experience.


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Each Swing Bell is meticulously filled with precisely balanced iron granules. Dynamic training movements create an imbalance in the dumbbell, generating unique training stimuli that includes targeting fascia.

Each exquisite leather dumbbell is the product of highly skilled craftmanship at NOHRD, making each Swing set one-of-a-kind. The leather pouch not only provides a beautiful design aesthetic but also ensures an alternative grip for more training variety.

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More Information
Product Swing
Dimensions (cm) 13 - 20 x 25 x 6 -12 cm
Weight (kg) 2
Material Walnut
Training Strength, Balance
Country of Manufacture Germany
Leather Genuine Leather
Power connection No
Bluetooth No
Assembly required No
Pakete 1
Warranty (yrs) 2