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Total body fitness stations

The NOHRD Walls range is unmatched in offering you a complete functional fitness station in a space-saving all-in-one solution. Beautifully crafted with cutting-edge technology in our full range of sustainable hardwoods, our training wall solutions boast a timeless aesthetic, designed with your well-being in mind.


The wall solution

All-in-one stations for all interiors

nohrd wall training

Full-body exercise

The NOHRD Walls fitness stations are ideal for full-body cardio and weight training workouts, featuring a high/low adjustable cable machine, our newly designed cross country ski trainer and a full set of our leather-stitched free weights: NOHRD SwingBells. It’s also possible to incorporate further equipment into the software via Bluetooth to add more range or focus to your workout sessions.

The compact solution

NOHRD Wall Compact

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Full set

NOHRD Swingbells

Each NOHRD Wall Compact comes with a full set of 8 handstitched, leather SwingBells, to be stored directly onto the wall. The NOHRD SwingBells are an ideal functional training tool for building strength and improving overall balance and coordination. Also leading to a stronger core, SwingBells can contribute to maintaining proper spinal alignment for better posture.

Weight stack

Cable machine

The NOHRD Wall Compact features our SlimBeam cable machine, built into the left section of the wall, an ideal tool for working multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Continuous core engagement will target core strength, while increasing stability and coordination. The cable butterfly feature can be swiveled and set at users’ desired height to add variety and challenge.

nohrd wall skitrainer


Ski erg

The NOHRD Wall Compact right-hand component features our new ski erg, designed to simulate classic cross-country skiing in all its intensity. Based on an eddy current brake system and disc resistance setting, this cable training will get your heart pumping – intense, full-body workout guaranteed!

The modular solution


nohrd wall

Choose from a range of up to five, freely combinable modules in real wood veneer to configure your NOHRD Wall training station. All modules can be selected in a 220-240cm height range. Designed to deliver a wide variety of exercises, including bodyweight and resistance training, HIIT sessions and strength/endurance training, the wall is a space-saving, full-body fitness solution for a highly efficient workout experience.


nohrd wall haupteinheit

Main unit + cable / ski erg

The features

The main unit comes with the built-in 22“ touchscreen for virtual training sessions and the full set of NOHRD SwingBells free weights, with the option for a mini-bar fridge or drawers. This unit is combined with the cable weight stack and ski-erg cable systems for full-body training.

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Wall bars

The wall bars add-on come in 60 – 80 cm width options and can be outfitted with up to 11 bars for stretching, hanging or balance exercise.

nohrd wall regal



Added shelf units are available in 40 – 80 cm widths for extra storage space or also for maximizing available space for an overall customized design aesthetic.


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