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Regular stretch exercise is considered a fundamental part of any fitness routine, due to the multitude of advantages it provides. Stretching enhances flexibility, while reducing the risk of injury and improving overall strength. Stretching also relieves muscle tension, builds good posture, and reduces stress by promoting relaxation. It’s a simple, yet powerful method to optimize overall health and well-being.


Boost performance

Body awareness & posture

elasko training


Improve mobility

Stretch exercise can dramatically improve your mobility by systematically lengthening and releasing tension in muscles and joints. Regular stretch practice helps increase range of motion in these areas, making your everyday movements easier and more fluid in that you gradually extend your muscles and connective tissues. Incorporating stretching into your routine will soon have you reaching and bending with ease throughout your daily activities.


For healthy joints

Adopting a stretch fitness routine will help keep your joints flexible and supple by gaining good range of motion. By gently stretching the muscles around your joints, you promote better synovial fluid circulation, which lubricates and nourishes your joints. This helps reduce risk of stiffness and ensure your joints remain flexible and functional, increasing your overall sense of well-being.

elasko training

Dynamic stretching

Flexible body, strong mind

The ELASKO program’s dynamic form of stretching involves active movements of muscles and joints in a controlled and deliberate manner. Unlike static stretching, where you hold a stretch for a prolonged period, dynamic stretching is more active and involves continuous, rhythmic movements. Dynamic stretching raises your heart rate and increases blood circulation to your muscles, helping to fuel them for action.